What Does it Take to Be Able to Jump Higher?

If there was something special that you could do to improve your jump right away, you can believe everybody would be all over that! What there is available is a lot of study and research over the years to find the best techniques, methods and exercises to enable someone to train to improve their vertical jump.

There are athletes from many sports that need the ability to improve their jump or be able to leap higher; it’s not just basketball players that are trying to do this. Think about High Jumpers, Volley Ball players, Football players and even Sprinters. Each of these benefit greatly from have explosive strength in their legs.

What has been the limiting factor in the past for athletes to jump higher? It was thought that you needed the right genetics to be a good jumper and another was no one actually trained to be able to jump higher. As the years went buy trainers and coaches around the world started to realize that you can train to jump higher and genetics is not a limiting factor.

It has been found that a beginner will make the fastest and most gains at the start of a program and a trained athlete will make great gains but will start off slower. If a good program is followed correctly you should be able to always make gains as long as you stay injury free.